The Sisters

Farnborough Hill used to be a convent school and was founded by the Religious of Christian Education - an order of teaching Sisters which began in Normandy in 1817. They first opened Hillside Convent School in Farnborough in 1889. In 1927 the Community and School moved to Farnborough Hill.

The School became an Independent Trust in 1994. Many Sisters are members of the Trust and they are represented on the Board of Governors.

The Sisters join us for many of the events of the year both spiritual and otherwise. They follow everything that goes on in the school with keen interest. The school celebrates their Community Feast Day (21st November) with Mass during which the Sisters renew their vows. We know that both staff and students are always in the Sisters' prayers.

Some of the Sisters continue to give service to the school by supervising after-school prep and manning the stationery office. The chapel flowers are always arranged by one of the Sisters for all feast days and other special celebrations.

In November 2017 the school celebrated with the Sisters on the 200th anniversary of the founding of their order.  Read more here:

Community Feast Day 2017